Types of ITP Treatment

When you first found out you had ITP, your doctor may have started treating you with steroids or an IVIG infusion. These treatments boost your platelet counts quickly, but they are meant to be taken for a short time.

When you have chronic ITP, it’s important to talk to your doctor and look for treatment options that will work for you. If other treatments for chronic ITP haven’t worked well enough, it may be time to start on a treatment like DOPTELET.

DOPTELET, an oral pill, is a type of long-term platelet booster called a thrombopoietin receptor agonist, or TPO-RA. This type of treatment:

Is approved specifically for chronic ITP

Works to help the bone marrow increase the number of platelets in the body to help reduce the risk of bleeding

DOPTELET is the only TPO-RA that offers the ease of a tablet without any food restrictions.

Your Chronic ITP, Your Schedule

Some treatments for chronic ITP may require a weekly visit to the doctor for an injection. Others can’t be taken with certain foods, like dairy, or with certain vitamins and supplements.

DOPTELET is an oral pill that can help you manage your chronic ITP on your schedule. You can take it:

At any time of day

With any food, including dairy

DOPTELET doctor discussion guide

Start the DOPTELET Discussion

This guide has some helpful questions to start a conversation with your doctor to see if DOPTELET is right for you.